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Piccolino Family Child Care (Piccolino) is a state-licensed, small family daycare facility that specialized in the care of infants and toddlers from ages 3 months to 3 years old.  Our program is focused towards the individual needs of a child and seeks to created a warm, loving, extended home environment for the child.  As a small-licensed provider, we can remain flexible to achieve individual attention over having to a ridged large group structure.  While our program sometimes draws upon a variety of well-known early development programs, it most closely resembles the core principals and beliefs of a Waldorf program. 


Our goals at Piccolino are simple, to be an extension of a warm home environment that aids in the development of a child’s emotional needs while also building their sensory, social, imaginative skills.  If nothing else, we strive to demonstrate to your child that he or she has self-worth, is loved and cared for, and has the ability to interact with others to produce positive outcomes.  Find Out More On Us.

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