For Us, It's All About the Child

Taking care of children has always been my passion.  As a mother raising children, I understand first-hand that when it comes to your kids, nothing less than the highest standards will do.  Further, the most important lesson you can teach a child is that he or she is LOVED and CARED For - Nothing Else Matter More Than That!  


I started Piccolino Family Child Care several years ago after working as an infant nurse for premature babies.  My focus then, as my focus now, was to be closer to my home so I could spend more time with my family.  As a state-licensed, small-family childcare provider, my focus remains the same - Care, Attention and Love, When Administered to a Child, Lasts a Lifetime.  At Picccolino, we see our clients as an extension of our family and strive to make their children feel like we are merely an extension of their family.  We provide a safe, nurturing, homelike environment so your child can explore for his or her full potential.  While we sometimes draw upon a variety of early development programs, our program is focused towards the individual needs of each child and creating a warm, loving, home environment.  As such, our program incorporates many of the core principals and beliefs of a Waldorf program. 


Predictability Adds Comfort, Flexibility Maintains Needs!

While working with premature infants and children with special needs, I’ve learned that early in life there is a tremendous amount of variation in development and not every child is at the same developmental stage at the same time.  Further, not every structured program is the best program for every child; and as parents, do we really know what structured learning method is the best fit for an infant or toddlers?  A child has a lifetime of structured learning ahead of them, and far too often we lose track of providing for the most basic emotional needs while also failing to teach the “soft skills” of life such as socialization, imagination and patience.


As a small childcare facility, we can remain flexible to achieve individual attention over having ridged group structure.  While we regularly practice group and structure activities, our primarily focus is on the basic needs of each child, and only if met, can we then move onto addressing development.

Our Goal

Our goal here is simple; to be an extension of a warm home environment that aids in the development of a child’s emotional needs while also building their sensory, social, imaginative skills.  If nothing else, we strive to demonstrate to your child that he or she has self-worth, is loved and cared for, and has the ability to interact with others to produce positive outcomes.  I  believe this powerful combination of fulfilling emotional needs while developing soft skills in a child forms the foundation upon which all future learning and life experiences build upon.


This is our philosophy.  This is what we stand for.  If you're looking for a closely supervised, home-daycare environment with these founding principals, then look no further – we welcome you into our family.

Aline, Owner